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Public Speaking Open Courses 2020

 1st Jan 2020

High Impact Speaking Masterclasses

SEE  DETAILS below...and, as a BONUS, includes 30 days full access to 'High Impact Speaking - The Online System' (8+ hours of video-based online content, 9 Modules with further tips, insights, case studies, FAQs and more)

High Impact Speaking - February 25 Half-Day Masterclass

High Impact Speaking - March 26 Half-Day Masterclass

"One of the best investments in personal development I had at BP was to engage Simon Bucknall as a personal public speaking coach.

He was phenomenal and key to my moving from being a very nervous public speaker to a strong and confident one.

Simon is now the world number 2 at public speaking and has a masterclass in London at the end of this month.

I thoroughly recommend this to all my [online group] friends."

Joe Little, Self-employed, Former CTO - Senior Technology Consultant at BP - January 2020

"In over 20 years of working in international politics and training candidates, I have never seen a more remarkable improvement in speaking abilities in such a short amount of time."

Ian Marquardt, Director of the European Women's Academy, ALDE


Simon Bucknall

People in leadership positions have to take this course!


Mahmoud Jamjoum | Joint MD, Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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