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Top Ten(ish) Tips For Virtual Presenting

 12th Jan 2022

1. Look at the camera, not at the screen.

2. Sit close enough to the camera for your face to 'own' your screen.

3. Position your camera so you can look straight into it, not up or down.

4. Stop constantly 'reading the room' in gallery view - it's exhausting. Focus on channelling your energy down the barrel of the camera, especially when saying something important.

5. Ground your feet and 'lean in' to the camera a little - mentally, this puts you on the front foot. If you sit back, you'll go passive.

6. Gesture with your hands by all means - but mostly out of camera shot. Too much hand flapping distracts.

7. Go for a clean, real background if you can, not virtual. Please don't take us to Outer Space; leave that to the astronauts.

8. If you want something in your background, make it one thing and prepare for it to be a talking point.

9. Be like a good radio host - speak as if to ONE person, even if there are many listening. It's a 1-to-1 connection, not a 1-to-many. You're just connecting 1-to-1 with a number of people simultaneously.

10. Take a leap of faith and COMMIT to your flow. You may feel like you're speaking into a void - especially if we're on mute with our cameras off. Trust that we're here, we're listening and gaining value - it'll help keep you on track.

Bonus: OOMPH! Speak louder than feels comfortable: not because we can't hear you but to bring energy and emotion to your delivery. This is how you"ll bridge the virtual gap...

Welcome to the world of domestic broadcasting.

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Simon brought his vast experience to the subject of storytelling which he masters wholly. He skilfully guided members through his unique series of techniques for both developing and delivering business stories that, by definition, can belong only to each individual business concerned. An excellent morning and highly recommended.


 Gordon Bromley I Chairman, Surrey & SW London Academy for Chief Executives

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