Executive Voice CoachingAlex Ashworth - Associate

What if you had a Professional Opera Soloist as YOUR Executive Voice Coach?

When Simon Bucknall needed a voice coach he turned to Alex Ashworth

What does your voice say about you?

Client benefits

Working with Alex, you will:

  • master the art of projecting your voice for greater impact
  • achieve greater depth and resonance when speaking
  • learn how to project your voice
  • achieve greater clarity of diction and pronunciation, whether in your native or 2nd/3rd/4th or even 5th language!
  • unlock the full potential of your true, authentic voice.

Coaching sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and typically combine a blend of practical exercises, practice delivery, discussion and feedback on performance.

Alex's relevant expertise includes:

  • an insider’s knowledge of what works in performance
  • advice on how to hold listeners’ attention and interest through voice
  • detailed physical knowledge of the pronunciation of English
  • exercises which will help with the clearer pronunciation of English in speech
  • deep knowledge of the workings of the speaking voice
  • advice on resonance, clarity and expressive range
  • extensive international coaching experience in voice
  • insight into the natural use of gesture.
Alex Ashworth is based in London and travels internationally.

View Alex Ashworth's biography here

The best course I have ever attended. I definitely recommend it.


Rashid Salem Al Saedi | Chief Administrative Officer, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, United Arab Emirates

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