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A Live Event

 7th Jun 2022

Gielgud Theatre

Last night, my wife and I went to see “To Kill A Mockingbird” in London’s West End.


I confess the fact that Aaron Sorkin (of “West Wing” fame) wrote the playscript was a big draw.

But what I appreciated most was the sheer intimacy and visceral impact of live theatre - themes of discrimination, idealism, bigotry, childhood, kindness and more.

Playing out before our eyes. Connecting deeply, I sensed, with the hearts and minds of each of us in the audience.

Not to put too fine a point on it, a LIVE event. A quite different experience from watching on screen or even, dare I whisper it, reading off the page.

Of course, you and I engage in live events all the time.

Often day-to-day trivia.

But on occasion, business, career and/or reputation-critical. #presentations #pitches #jobinterviews

I suggest energy spent on making the most of those moments is energy well-invested.

Precisely because they’re quite, quite different from emails, Word documents, spreadsheets or indeed video calls.

All power to the impact of the “live”.

(And yes, if you can lay your hands on tickets to the play, I highly recommend…)

#experience #communication #publicspeaking #theatre #leadership #storytelling

The best course I have ever attended. I definitely recommend it.


Rashid Salem Al Saedi | Chief Administrative Officer, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, United Arab Emirates

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