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December 2020

Dear Fellow Professional & Leader,

We live in extraordinary times.

Chances are, that as a result of Coronavirus, you're reading this at home. I can only imagine the enormous disruption you must already have experienced, both in your place of work and in your life outside.


As we switch from face-to-face to distance working, clients have been asking:

"Can coaching still work remotely? If so, how effective is Zoom/Skype/Tel?"

 The honest answer is...

  1. Yes
  2. Very effective - provided there's good rapport and a clear focus

So, if you are now looking to sharpen your skills in spoken communication, then the good news is that I can help. 

Over the years, I've had extensive experience coaching executive clients...

  • Over Zoom
  • Over Skype
  • By telephone
  • By email
For some clients, distance coaching has complemented face-to-face contact. Others, based all over the world, I've never even met! 

At this initial stage, here are some thoughts to consider...

  • Chemistry is key - let's speak first before either of us commits to anything

  • Consider which scenarios, content or events you might want to target

  • Clarify the change/improvement you want to achieve as a speaker

This can form the basis of an initial consultation - you can reach me via the Contact Form at the top of the screen.

"Simon, the direction you took me in within a 25 minute phone call opened my eyes to a whole concept in my TEDx speech I was yet to uncover.

I can now absolutely see why you have the reputation that you do.

To say I am thankful is an understatement."

Sarah-Ann Macklin, Nutritionist & Model, Founder of The Be Well Collective, TEDx Speaker, 'THE JAMIE OLIVER OF NUTRITION' Marie Claire Magazine

Stay safe and speak soon...

Simon Bucknall

For Further Information Contact Simon I +44 (0)7834 083500 or complete our ENQUIRY FORM

 Thank you for a wonderful session. Feedback was frighteningly good!


 Joseph Wilkes | Associate Director, Career Services, Hult International Business School, London

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