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Alex Ashworth

Your Voice is a Precious Asset and it's to be treated with care

Mastering your voice profoundly affects your credibility and impact in the minds of an audience - which is why leading politicians, kings, queens and top executives frequently employ an expert to assist them.

Voice is also a highly personal medium for each and every one of us - requiring not just expert knowledge but also sensitive handling and a strong sense of empathy on the part of the voice coach. For all these reasons, when Simon Bucknall was in search of a voice coach, Alex was the first person he contacted.

Working with Alex, you'll...

  • Learn how to protect your voice
  • Unlock the full potential of your true, authentic voice
  • Achieve greater depth and resonance when speaking
  • Master the art of projecting your voice for greater impact
  • Enjoy greater clarity of diction and pronunciation, whether in your native or 2nd/3rd/4th or 5th language

As a teacher and coach, Alex specialises in helping people to get the most from their voice - so they can engage and connect with their audience, whether in the world of singing or speaking.

His expertise spans vocal projection, pronunciation and language to enable clients to protect, develop and maximise the full potential of their own voice.

"Having coached hundreds of people both in the UK and internationally, what I've found is that authenticity is key.

My belief is that coaching is about helping to protect, develop and fulfil the true potential of your voice - rather than trying to convert it into something it isn't. Very often, this means focusing on 'undoing' habits which are getting in the way of our true and authentic voice.

The impact in terms of presence, authority and all-round impact can be hugely significant.

If you like what you have read above and are keen to discuss further, then it would be my pleasure to schedule a call."

A full-time professional opera soloist and Professor of Singing at the Royal Academy of Music, Alex Ashworth helps performers and leaders to fulfil the true potential of their own voice.

"Your voice can be a complete representation of who you are." Alex Ashworth

A Choral Scholar at St John’s College, Cambridge, Alex won a scholarship to the Royal Academy in 1999. He has been an in-demand concert soloist ever since, working with some of the most prestigious houses in Europe, including Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Scottish Opera and Welsh National Opera. He has performed at The Royal Festival Hall, The Barbican and at The Royal Albert Hall in The Proms on BBC television.

Today, Alex brings those skills and expertise into the business world helping professionals in sectors such as financial services, hospitality and in the civil service.

Relevant Experience
  • Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music
  • First-class degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University
  • Lectured at the Choice for Voice Conference for the British Voice Association
  • Previously taught at the Reykjavik Academy of Singing and Vocal Arts in Iceland

Face to Face: A tailored session or sessions to achieve greater vocal resonance and/or clarity of pronunciation; employ techniques to protect your voice, hone delivery and project with greater authority.

Alex lives in London and is also Simon Bucknall's voice coach.
For Further Information Contact Simon | +44 (0)7834 083500 or complete ENQUIRY FORM
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Simon has supported DPD over the last three years to great success - he's the 'Go To Man' for Senior Managers in our business who want to develop their presentation skills.


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