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Introduction & Welcome To My Showreel 2018

What is a Keynote Speech?

There's no such thing as a 45 minute speech or pitch...

Unless there's only one person in the room.

With an audience of 500, it's a 22,500 minute presentation - in terms of collective mindshare.

Like you, Simon knows every one of those minutes is precious.

But the real question is, when your people are in the spotlight how well equipped are they to capitalise on those same precious minutes of opportunity?

  • To win new business

  • To inspire existing clients

  • To engage members of their team

  • To build the reputation and profile of your organisation

Simon's interactive keynote sessions...

Take people's leadership communication to a new level. Fresh, practical, entertaining and insightful, your people gain surprising answers to the above challenges. Simon draws on years of experience helping tens of thousands of professionals from more than 100 countries to achieve greater impact.

Rest assured, your team will never view High Impact Speaking in quite the same way again.


Simon Bucknall delivering opening speech at TEDxLondon - July 2018

Simon Bucknall, based in London UK and travelling internationally, Opening Speaker at TEDxLondon - July 2018

'Why Public Speaking Should Be Taught In Schools'

Why Public Speaking Should Be Taught In Schools: Audiecne reaction


If you want a high-octane and entertaining opening speaker for your event

  • To cultivate greater self-belief & gravitas among your people

  • To build a more influential and effective sales force

  • To ignite the inspirational potential of your leadership team

...then Simon will be delighted to discuss how he can contribute to the knock-out success of your next event.
Simon Bucknall

Simon Bucknall delivering Opening Speech at TEDxLondon: Beyond Borders, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London - July 2018

Simon Bucknall: Public Speaking Should Be Taught In Schools

"When you speak, spelling doesn't matter!" Simon Bucknall

"If there's one man who can make public speaking sound easy, it's Simon Bucknall."

The Chivas Venture


"I'd just like to let you know how well received your recent session was. We've had extremely positive feedback from the MBAs."

Emma Cooper, Careers Consultant, Imperial Business School - October 2018


"Your session was most inspirational and I have learnt so much.

I had an opportunity to present to an audience just a couple of days after and it was the most successful public speaking I've ever done."

Agnes Guzik, Category Manager, FM & Trading Assets Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd.


"An amazing ability to captivate the audience, making the event such a pleasure to attend. Feedback from senior colleagues has been extremely positive as well."

Harijot Chauhan, HR Director, Atlantis The Palm Dubai, UAE

 Simon helped me transform a dull standard webcast for 330 professionals in 55 countries into something exciting, inspiring and effective.


Tony Craddock | CEO Global Prepaid Exchange

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