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A Professional's Search For Meaning

 25th Feb 2022

A Professional’s Search For Meaning

We see inspirational quotes on social media all the time, as a friend commented to me earlier today.

But what do they really MEAN?

This is not to disparage them - but to say that viewed in the abstract, they lose much of their impact.

Context is all.

Same is true for all messaging with the spoken word - if it’s to be impactful.

Yes we need clarity of messaging (and the clearer the better).

Yes those messages need to be delivered.

But the real question is: what will they MEAN?

For your client.

For your team.

For your child.

I help people with public speaking.

True enough.

But #publicspeaking is just a phrase.

It’s merely a hashtag.

More deeply, it means helping with communication…

With forging a connection - between speaker and listener.

A connection through which relevant meaning - whether humorous or serious, personal or professional, work-related or not - can be explored, distilled and transferred.

Because when we speak and listen, we cease to be alone.

Identify, connect with and convey the TRUE meaning of your thoughts, ideas and feelings and you’re a speaker, my friend.

You’re a leader.

Speak soon.

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I employed Simon for one-on-one presentation skills coaching, as I was required to speak at my company's annual conference. With Simon's advice, coaching and guidance, I gained valuable knowledge and confidence which made a huge difference to, and significantly improved, my delivery on the day. Simon is a great coach, and I will certainly consider using his services within my business going forward.


Gary Prike | Managing Director, Rohlig UK Ltd

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