Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders An Observation by Ken Robinson

An Observation by Ken Robinson

 31st Mar 2022
Love My Job
"When you're doing something you love, an hour feels like five minutes. When you're doing something you hate, five minutes feels like an hour."

I've long loved this observation by the late Ken Robinson.

This morning at 6am UK time, I ran a lunchtime (!) session for 80+ professionals working for an international law firm in the Asia-Pacific.

We had folk dialling in from Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore and more. Loved it.

Session length: 75 minutes.

Felt like 5.

If that.

When does 1hr+ feel like 5 mins for you?

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Your training massively improved my public speaking ... helped develop my communication skills that go far beyond addressing audiences. Even four years on, it remains the most useful training I have ever had at work - the impact on my career has been huge.


Joe Halloran | Computing Teaching and Learning Consultant

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