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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Recent Video

 18th Mar 2022
Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent video message to the people of Russia is simply stunning.

(See link in Comments).

There are no guarantees with spoken communication.

You cannot force people to engage with you.

Nor can you force them to agree with you.

What you can do is seek to build rapport by outlining common ground and understanding. By fully acknowledging the values and beliefs of your audience, you can build bridges through mutual respect.

THEN (and only then) do you put yourself in a position to win trust... and a precious window of opportunity to gain listeners' receptiveness to your message.

Schwarzenegger strives to achieve all these things in the film.

Deeply moving.

I so, so hope his message lands as intended with the fine People of Russia...

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 Simon really inspired our teams in the UK and US and really helped them become more compelling with customers.


Adam Hale | CEO, Fairsail

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