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Classic Signs of Speaking Under Pressure

 15th Mar 2022
Classic signs of speaking "under pressure"...

Overly formal
Rational in content
Packed with detail

Classic signs of speaking when "relaxed"...

Emotive in content
Laced with stories
Varied in tone and delivery
Simpler, clearer
Trusting instinct
Simple everyday language
Open and expressive

As a listener, I know which I prefer.

Communicating serious content, under pressure, while applying the characteristics of the second listing IS possible.

Conscious effort may be needed.

Practice is essential.

But both are within your control...

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Simon led by example and provided clear tips on structure, inserting words, leading with stories and stance. Now I can sense the distinct uptick in engagement in a room of diverse nationalities and backgrounds... prepare more comfortably around my key messages and theme.


Tarun Varma | Pershing Square Scholar, University of Oxford, 1+1 MBA, MSc Child Development and Education Fellow 2011, Teach for India

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