Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders 'Every Single Kilometre I was just so Grateful'

'Every Single Kilometre I was just so Grateful'

 23rd Apr 2023

Hassan for Blog 23/4/2023

I loved Sifan Hassan's interview today, having won the 2023 Women's London Marathon (see clip in Comments below).

Not only did Hassan run a remarkable race... her debut marathon, stopping early on with an apparent hip issue, misjudging one of the water stations... yet still coming back to win...

But afterwards, she simply pours out a sense of gratitude.

"Every single kilometre, I was just so grateful..."

Love that.

For my part, I ran the London Marathon in 1999. An hour and 33 minutes slower than Hassan.

But one thing we shared: I too was most grateful to finish :-)

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