Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders Fabulous Venue in Cork, Ireland!

Fabulous Venue in Cork, Ireland!

 11th Jul 2023
Cork Venue

A day of Leadership Storytelling - and what a venue!

The Pavilion, one of the oldest cinemas in Cork, Ireland, working with a group of x15 senior leaders in the world of tech.

Huge space and a well-stocked bar, though so far, we’ve kept to tea, coffee and biscuits… 🙏

Most importantly, terrific group - there is GOLD in your experience.

But like gold in the natural world, it’s not just lying around. It has to be detected, identified, sourced and then refined.

But do those things and your #communication outcomes can prove extraordinary…

#publicspeaking #leadership #hr #storytelling

Simon brought his vast experience to the subject of storytelling which he masters wholly. He skilfully guided members through his unique series of techniques for both developing and delivering business stories that, by definition, can belong only to each individual business concerned. An excellent morning and highly recommended.


 Gordon Bromley I Chairman, Surrey & SW London Academy for Chief Executives

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