Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders Got a Wedding Speech to Deliver?

Got a Wedding Speech to Deliver?

 22nd Jul 2022
Simon Bucknall
Got a wedding speech to deliver?

Some simple tips and boundaries for you:

Make points, tell stories.

Avoid jokes off the internet.

Avoid scripts off the internet.

Avoid having someone "write the speech for you".

Aim for 5 minutes minimum.


10 mins is usually super.

Word count: aim for 1,000 approx.

More than 1,500 is way too many.

3,000+ words, seriously? (yes, I see scripts of this length)

BE WARNED: you'll still be speaking by the time of the 1st wedding anniversary.

Avoid sheets of A4.

Avoid notes on an iPhone - you'll look like you're checking Twitter.

Flashcards if you must.

Simple structure - you'll remember your Points and Stories better.

ENERGY - start strong, finish strong.


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 Thank you for a wonderful session. Feedback was frighteningly good!


 Joseph Wilkes | Associate Director, Career Services, Hult International Business School, London

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