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Gym Membership - For Spoken Communication

 22nd Mar 2022
Juiie Pickering TM
We should talk about the value of gym membership…. for spoken communication.

Opportunities to practice and develop your speaking skills, test and improve your content plus get stage time in front of a live audience… in a safe environment…

Such opportunities are SCARCE.

But the speaking clubs of #toastmastersinternational provide precisely that opportunity.

An environment in which to try things out, make mistakes, get feedback, grow as a communicator and as a leader.

One of the most important personal development decisions I ever made was to join a club back in January 2004. My professional life has never been the same since.

For family reasons, my weekday availability has changed over the years.

So this morning, what a joy to participate in my first meeting as a NEW club member of Covent Garden Speakers in central London.

Meets before work:

7am-8.45am (!) on alternate Tuesdays in the heart of Covent Garden.

Pic here with the wonderfully welcoming and inspiring Club President, Julie Pickering.

Set the alarm, come along, see you there…?

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