Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders How's THIS for an event take-away? Yum

How's THIS for an event take-away? Yum

 6th Jun 2023
How's This

How’s THIS for an event take-away? Yum.

Fantastic morning with 150+ fine folk at Ocado today. What energy! 🙏

A tip for when “speaking under pressure”.

Focus on your real outcome: the change you want to achieve.

It’s ever so easy to be distracted by irrelevancies - the nerves, the slides, covering all the data, the “getting it right” and more.

Your real outcome is, let’s be honest, something quite different.

Right, time for some chocolate… 😊


What I've appreciated most has been the increased thought the team has been putting into how they come across and what they say. Colleagues in other teams have already commented on the improvement in both skills and confidence.


Emma Truswell | Deputy Head of Services, Open Data Institute (ODI)

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