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 2nd Jun 2022


(Incidentally the above pic is not our daughter...)

For a year or more, our daughter has been learning (and, frankly, struggling) to learn to dive from poolside.

This despite weekly lessons.

She has made more progress in the past 72 hours than in the past YEAR.

No exaggeration.

The explanation? Desire and persistence on her part, certainly. All power to her.

But while here on holiday in Montenegro this week, constant access to a pool plus countless hours spent “actually in it” has been the game changer.

I am relearning and appreciating the power of literal immersion for accelerated learning.

Applying the same principle to pretty much any other aspect of life… the mind boggles.

Same is true with #publicspeaking.

If you’ve struggled, consider how many hours practice in front of an audience you’ve had compared to, say, hours spent in meetings or 1-to-1 conversations.

Go easy on yourself.

Immersion could be the key!

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Soushiant Zangenehpour | Manager, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Said Business School, University of Oxford

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