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Inspirational Young 2nd or 3rd Language!

 13th May 2022

ESU Contest

Absolute joy being a Judge for the Grand Final of the English-Speaking Union International Speech Competition yesterday, chaired by the Right Hon. Robert Buckland MP.

Stunningly high standard from the 6 young speakers, on the topic of Heroes - representing Hong Kong, China, Romania, Canada, Netherlands and Brazil.

Most, if not all, speaking in their 2nd or 3rd language!

Inspiring stuff…

Matthew Christmas Pavit Coran

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One of the best investments in personal development I had at BP was to engage Simon Bucknall as a personal public speaking coach. He was phenomonal and key to my moving from being a very nervous public speaker to a strong and confident one.


 Joe Little, Self-employed, Former CTO - Senior Technology Consultant at BP

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