Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders Is Humour a Natural Gift - or a Skill that can be Learned?

Is Humour a Natural Gift - or a Skill that can be Learned?

 6th Jan 2022
Is humour a natural gift - or a skill that can be learnt?

Experience over the years helping countless wedding speakers (not to mention execs in the working world) tells me that the answer is emphatically the latter.

A while back, I interviewed stand-up comedian, Laura Lexx, for a book I was writing for #brides wanting to give a speech. Laura seriously knows her stuff - she's done "Live At The Apollo" and yes, gave a highly entertaining speech at her own wedding!

Laura's advice is gold:

"Invite some friends over...crack open some drinks and introduce into conversation some topics you might want to include in your speech [or communications].

"You'll find that people naturally introduce humour into that kind of relaxed situation - we like to make each other laugh. The trick is to notice what gets people giggling. You can then use those as start points for developing #humour for your speech. The more personal your humour, the better."

There's humour all around us, every day. The question is: do we notice it? Do we then do something with it?

I remember an insight gained from a stand-up comedy course I took 10+ years ago:

"The difference between an average comedian and an oustanding comedian is a notebook and a pen."

So, if you want to introduce more humour, get noticing!

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