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Keeping an Eye on The Balance

 15th Mar 2023
Savoy Hotel
At the Savoy Hotel in central London for the tech rehearsal of a client #agm.

As the pic shows, it’s one of the very few (if only?) places in the UK where cars drive on the right. 😊

Feels a bit strange of course, for me being a lefty. But as presenters, we have instinctive preferences too, acquired through habit.

You’ll tend to feel more comfortable looking, moving and even gesturing in one direction more than another.

Certainly I’ve found that over the years with my own presenting.

So, it’s worth keeping an eye on the balance - especially with use of space and eye contact.

Subtle though it may seem, if you’re speaking for any length of time and only look at one segment of your audience, those excluded will feel it, diluting your connection.

Divide your audience into zones; dip in and out of each, for example.

Right, I’m off for a few laps of the Savoy approach road to recalibrate…

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 Simon really inspired our teams in the UK and US and really helped them become more compelling with customers.


Adam Hale | CEO, Fairsail

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