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Pet Phrases...

 18th Jul 2022
May 2022
Pet phrases I'd love to eliminate from the working world...
(listener thought process in brackets)

"Let me tell you a story..." (er... I'm over the age of 7)

"I wanted to reach out to you..." (no touching, please)

"Let me share with you now..." (how VERY generous of you)

"Sort of like..." (?!)

"Y'know..." (no, not really)

"Uhm... yeah, that's about it." (feeling weary?)

"It's probably a stupid idea but... (you're wasting my time)

"It's probably a rubbish idea but..." (you're still wasting my time)

"...or maybe that's a silly idea?" (yup, you wasted my time)

"Before I start..." (but you already did)

"Before we get started..." (and so have we)

"Without further ado..." (Shakespeare? I bet that's the only time you use the word 'ado')

What would you like to add to this list?

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I employed Simon for one-on-one presentation skills coaching, as I was required to speak at my company's annual conference. With Simon's advice, coaching and guidance, I gained valuable knowledge and confidence which made a huge difference to, and significantly improved, my delivery on the day. Simon is a great coach, and I will certainly consider using his services within my business going forward.


Gary Prike | Managing Director, Rohlig UK Ltd

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