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The Simpler The Better

 3rd Mar 2022
I’m writing this in Sandwell & Dudley train station in the West Midlands.

Just finished 8 hrs of sessions with groups of senior managers today, face-to-face.


On messaging, here’s something that came through very clearly during the day.

It’s one thing to ‘have an idea’ of what your key points are. To be able to talk them through, describe them, report them.

But nailing the EXACT language that best expresses your point - that you would actually use with your audience/listeners…

To get to that can be a surprisingly big step!

The simpler the better.

The shorter, the better.


“what I need to get across to people is the need for their help in enabling us to do x y and a in order to etc etc…”


“As a department, we need your help.”

Sounds simple; it is simple; doesn’t mean it’s easy.

But worth the effort in getting there.

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Simon, within a 25 minute phone call you opened my eyes to a whole concept in my TEDx speech I was yet to uncover. I can now absolutely see why you have the reputation that you do. To say I am thankful is an understatement.


Sarah-Ann Macklin | Nutritionist & Model, Founder, The Be Well Collective, TEDx Speaker, 'THE JAMIE OLIVER OF NUTRITION' Marie Claire Magazine 

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