Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders What Have I Been Doing for 14 Years?

What Have I Been Doing for 14 Years?

 28th Oct 2022
Simon Bucknall in Ukraine
Poignant memories of helping this group of Ukrainians in easier times....
All hail to format diversity.

In my work, core focus has remained clear and simple for 14 years.

Helping leaders with spoken communication - to connect, influence and inspire more effectively.

However, delivery formats vary enormously.

1-to-1, 1-to-2, small group, large group, keynote, Masterclass, in-person, online, half-day, full-day, 5-day (!), residential weekend, 10 minute talk, 3hr seminar, live event, spoken, written, pre-recorded content, for corporate audiences, NFP leaders, one-off school group HOYs, technologists, investors, aspiring politicians, academics, engineers, lunch & learn series, private access mentoring and more…

Clearly targeted expertise to help people get from A to B on their communications journey.

Via whatever format best works for them.


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I employed Simon for one-on-one presentation skills coaching, as I was required to speak at my company's annual conference. With Simon's advice, coaching and guidance, I gained valuable knowledge and confidence which made a huge difference to, and significantly improved, my delivery on the day. Simon is a great coach, and I will certainly consider using his services within my business going forward.


Gary Prike | Managing Director, Rohlig UK Ltd

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