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How Do You Structure Your Content?

 7th May 2022
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When structuring your content for spoken delivery...

How many "sections" do you have?

You'll be familiar, I'm sure, with the Rule of Three.

Whether your structure contains more or less than that, what matters is that it be SIMPLE.

Too complex and you'll lose people.

Or yourself.

Or both.

I'm reminded of a conversation with some PhD engineers a few years back.

"We can't possibly just communicate 2 or 3 things! Our content is complex - there may be 12+ items we need to cover" they said.

A perfectly reasonable challenge.

To which I give this response:

"Treat those 12+ items as ingredients in cooking. Yes, each and every ingredient features in the finished dish. But they are not consumed independent of one another. They form part of the dish. How many ingredients are contained in a 3-course meal?"

What if you were to treat your content as a 3 course meal?

What would be the name/message for each course?

There's your simple structure.

ps And for those familiar with Latin proverbs ...

If there's one man who can make public speaking easy, it's Simon Bucknall.


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