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Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders

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Simon Bucknall delivering Opening Keynote, Queen Elizabeth Centre, London


A video from recent years following the opening of Blavatnik School of Government: How to Use Space when speaking in public

Anaphora (a rhetorical device early in your speech) and Epistrophe (echo prases at end of sentence) - for added emphasis in your speech

Antithesis - The Setting Up of Opposites - the Use of Contrast

Communication Lessons from Ancient Greece to Star Wars - Anastrophe - a Rhetorical Device developed by the Ancient Greeks

Lessons to be learned from 2 perspectives - Ancient Athens and Ancient Rome

Effective Communication is a Skill not a Gift - according to the Sophists

The Importance of Self Deprecation - according to Pericles

How to Achieve the Illusion of Your Speech being Conversational - A Lesson from the Parthenon

Are YOU making any of these 7 critical mistakes?

You are not alone - it can happen to the best of us! Here are 4 Top Tips to cope with the scary moment when you forget your lines...


 Simon understands how to tackle communication issues that senior executives face, offering valuable insights that people can easily apply to improve their performance.


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