Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders 3 Practical Tips

3 Practical Tips

 7th Feb 2022
***3 Practical Tips For Greater Impact As A Communicator This Week

🔆 1 Hone your key points - 10 words max (per point)
Sounds simple, but it isn't easy. Speakers often make their point as a stream-of-consciousness paragraph. Think newspaper headline instead. Short, punchy and focused. The coat-hanger off which to hang your supporting evidence...

🔆 2 Speak up!
If you're normally quiet in meetings, say something. Early. The sooner the better. Introduce yourself. Comment on the weekend. Give a simple summary of what's previously been said, followed by a question or build - that also works just fine. If you're already active in meetings, try speaking a little louder. If it feels uncomfortably loud, good. If it feels comfortable, you're too quiet...

🔆 3 Focus on next steps, not giant leaps
What's the smallest, realistic next step your listeners could take on the staircase towards your desired outcome? With presentations in particular, it's common for speakers to expect too much. Better to get a small 'yes' than an easy, fat 'no'.

What's your next step as a #communicator this week?

Speak soon...

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 I first worked with Simon to create a personal impact programme that has been so successful that we are now running the event for a sixth time.


Kathryn Stubley | Event Executive, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

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