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One of My Favourite Books

 13th Feb 2022
One of my favourite books as a child was this one… the Usborne Publishing “Time Traveller Book Of Long Ago”.
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Forty years on, I still have it.

A little boy aged about 10 dons a magical helmet to visit each of four periods in #history. Vivid depictions of mediaeval castles, Roman encampments, Viking raids, the inside of the Egyptian pyramids and more…

It was my first real experience of ‘escapism’ (well, that alongside the first three Star Wars films).

Little did I know it would set me on a path to study history at University of Oxford and would also teach me the value of ‘sanctuaries’. Interests or activities which allow you to switch off, recharge and immerse yourself in something removed from present day concerns.

Today, my chosen sanctuaries take a different form: most recently, listening to a 36-lecture podcast course on The Crusades and a 48-lecture series on the History of Modern China. (See The Great Courses series on Audible).

But every now and then, my children and I dip into this battered old book from long ago and I take a trip down memory lane…

Interested to hear of YOUR sanctuaries. Where do you ‘escape’ to?

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 Thank you for your incredible contribution to the Chivas Venture 2018 - from the initial inspiration during the Accelerator Programme in Oxford, all the way through to the Final Stage in Amsterdam. I was blown away by how the Top 5 Chivas Venture finalists stepped up in front of 2,500+ people, following their work with you. You tailored your advice to meet each entrepreneur's needs and your coaching made a real difference to this year's Final event..


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