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A Debate at The English Speaking Union

 9th Mar 2022
Last week, the English-Speaking Union hosted a showcase debate on the topic of personal liberty vs security & health in light of the pandemic.

A cracking, constructive debate it was too.

Though the 50+ members of the audience were mostly adults, our daughter Freya (aged 10) was keen to come.

Without any prompting from me, she took notes on the main speakers and expressed a desire to speak from the floor.

It will not surprise you to learn that I did not discourage her!

On making her point and posing a question, Freya took her seat to warm, appreciative applause from the audience. Her comment was later acknowledged by one of the closing speakers.

All in all, a wonderful experience - for a 10 year old girl. And for her father.

Better still, when the audience vote was taken, Freya and her father voted differently.

Bring on the teenage years.

And the continuing discovery of still more young voices…

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Mahmoud Jamjoum | Joint MD, Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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