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The Art of Effective Pitching

 8th Mar 2022
Hugely enjoyable session this evening with the The Oxford SDG Impact Lab - sharing the stage with Paul Bixby from EasyJet Holidays.

Speaking on the art of #pitching… which is never a test of knowledge. Nor is it a test of how much knowledge you can transfer. Though too often, business presenters treat it as such!

Effective pitching is a test of your ability to access what is most relevant for your listener/s.

What issues do they care about?

What benefits are they after?

How can you help them address the former and/or gain more of the latter?


Pinpoint clearly your answers to those questions and the audience engagement will follow…

#publicspeaking #sales #salescoaching #businessaccelerator #communication #businessdevelopment

Highly accomplished public speaker and a remarkable teacher...absolute pleasure to work with on any project.


Tim Weed | Author and Lecturer based in Vermont USA

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