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 27th Nov 2023
A Fascinating Insight
Fascinating insight here from Philip Seargeant on #influence and #storytelling

“When people use narrative rather than argument as a means of persuasion, the audience is less concerned about the credibility or perception of the speaker. They’re more likely to be swayed by [the story’s] content than by their feelings towards the person doing the telling.

“When a speaker uses rational argument, people are more likely to believe them if they find the speaker trustworthy or authoritative… which leads [psychologists] Melanie Green and Tim Brock to suggest that storytelling can be used to advantage by ‘low-credible sources or by speakers who lack cogent arguments…”

…and leading Simon Bucknall to suggest that too often, ‘high-credible speakers’ UNDER-USE storytelling, mistakenly believing that possession of robust rational arguments is sufficient to persuade. :-)

#leadership #politics

 Simon worked one-to-one with our entire team of speakers over several months...Key stakeholders from the audience made a point of commenting on how impressed they were by the value and impact of the presentations. Simon has made a significant and permanent difference to our people's effectiveness as speakers.


Nic Humphries | Senior Partner, HgCapital

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