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A Joy to Collaborate ....

 2nd Sep 2022


Today marked a first for me.

A podcast recording session - but as co-host rather than guest!

Alongside the fabulous Maryam Pasha - Curator of TEDxLondon and also co-host of the Climate Curious podcast…

We’ve embarked on recording a fresh, new podcast series with a #communication focus.

Launches later this year.

Maryam and I have known each other for the best part of 15 years - and long talked about collaboration like this.

What a joy for it now to be happening - and to be in conversation with a true kindred spirit? Well, JOIE!

More details to come - but to say I’m excited wd be an understatement.


Big shout out to Josie Colter for her production wizardry!

#podcast #publicspeaking #storytelling #entrepreneur #collaboration

I have learnt so much ... had an opportunity to present to an audience just a couple of days after and it was the most successful public speaking I've ever done.


Agnes Guzik | Category Manager, FM & Trading Assets, Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd.

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