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What's Your View on Cold Sales Talk?

 2nd Sep 2022

Cold (Calling!)


The other day in my LinkedIn inbox…

“I don’t believe in sending cold sales messages via LinkedIn. Like you I hate receiving them BUT…”

You can imagine what came next.

An over-enthusiastic, cold sales message like all the others.


Contradictory, cliché, disingenuous or just plain pointless openings - whether written or spoken - are so damaging.

I realise there’s a “numbers game” that says if you cold approach enough people, eventually you’ll get some hits.

Personally, I find such a tactic soul-destroying.

14 years into running my own business, with a very significant % of long-term, repeat clients whom I love working with…

I cannot think of a single meaningful relationship that was initiated by my making a cold approach - whether by email, phone or LinkedIn message.

Developing existing relationships, giving good reason for referrals and/or attracting inbound interest have been the bedrock.

Period. 🙂

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Simon gave me excellent advice on my upcoming talk for TEDxLBS - great pointers on both narrative and delivery that really put the final polish on my presentation!


Kelly Price | Senior Vice President, Oncology Business Unit at The Planning Shop International

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