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A Lesson Learned from the Olympic Copper Box Arena

 19th Jan 2022
Last night, I took our daughter to the Olympic Copper Box Arena to see England's Vitality Roses take on Australia at netball.

Barnstorming game: the Roses snatching a draw with just 2 seconds left on the clock: 48-48!

First time I’ve seen a live game of elite netball and…

They are SHARP.

The passing, the agility, the awareness and all-round clarity of intent.

Put another way, there’s no time or space for self-doubt. Players simply have to commit; no mucking around.

Which sets me wondering about our challenge as speakers…

To be as sharp.

As focused.

As committed to the true end-goals of our presentations (and the true goal is never to read out slides for people).

Too many presenters treat the activity as a chore; as something to get through. Hopefully without too many slip-ups. Some just “muck around” with concerns that simply aren’t relevant to the audience.

Make no mistake: when you speak, you’re a “live” event for your listeners.

We are “in the arena” with you.

So, go smash it.

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