Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders A Surprising Source Of Inspiration For More Effective Spoken Communication

A Surprising Source Of Inspiration For More Effective Spoken Communication

 13th Jan 2022
A surprising source of #inspiration for more effective spoken #communication ...

A community of speakers who REALLY know how to...

Own a stage

Focus on delighting the audience, rather than indulging the speaker

Build rapport with listeners

Hold an audience's attention... as in REALLY hold it

Deliver knock-out stories

Communicate with crystal clarity

Win over tricky, even hostile, crowds

Bring ideas to life without reliance on a slide-deck

Speak with immaculate timing

And CHANGE the way an audience thinks and feels.


The world of the elite stand-up #comedian.

Irrespective of whether you're looking to be more humorous, there's plenty of serious lessons to learn here too (see Comment links below - re: timing, use of space, storytelling skills, empathy with an audience).

A great comedian's delivery may appear effortless. Their content may come across as delightfully simple. The warmth of audience response may strike you as automatic.

But make no mistake...

The skill, not to mention hours and HOURS of work, that goes into achieving those outcomes is immense.

As one experienced U.S.-based comedian commented:

"I've built a 20 year career on the club circuit off 92 minutes of material. Book me for anything up to 92 minutes and I'll smash it. Book me for any longer than that and I'll bomb in the 93rd minute."

I'll share a few favourite comic clips into the Comments below.

Which communicators do you admire?

Who can we learn from?

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 I was recently promoted into a role where public speaking and inspiring people has become more central to my ability to be effective. I was amazed by how effective just one session was. I heard indirectly that my presentation had been particularly inspirational - one person even contacted the Director of my organisation to say how impressed he had been. Without any exaggeration, I give all this credit to Simon.


Esther Stevenson | Former Head of Africa, Christian Aid

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