Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders Day 3. Monday Morning: It's Over! A Message from William Rowe

Day 3. Monday Morning: It's Over! A Message from William Rowe

 2nd May 2022
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(Message from William Rowe - tall, hungry looking guy on the right!)
Today I am sitting at my desk just having had a sports massage, and I am enjoying my pain.


Because this weekend I and 3 friends walked 106km / 66 miles around the Isle of Wight raising money for Alzheimer's Society. It wasn't my first ultramarathon, and possibly won't be my last.

Possibly Jo Menon!

It was a big achievement, but actually what has stuck with me was the people we met on the way. All of them were doing something... 'greater', I guess is the only way to describe it.

They had taken a step into something... more.

People who would never describe themselves as athletes. Or 'sporty'.

But they strapped on the lycra (and not always ironically!) and put their bodies and hearts and minds on the line to raise money for a cause that was important to them; causes like hospices and the animal charities, cancer charities and frankly any organisation that does good.

Many people were there to just see what happens when they are stripped back through physical adversity: can they achieve what they have set out to do?

In between the sweat, the pain and the tears, the limping and the blisters, the chafing (!) and that oh so soothing Vaseline, every person who turned up and had a go was, to me at least, greater.

And I'll lay money on the fact that through their challenge they were transformed into something more.

It's not something you can really see but it will be there: a look in the eye, a straighter back, a firmer step.

These events are a fantastic reminder of how great 'ordinary' people can be.

So a huge thank you to everyone who donated (link in the comments *cough*), to my extra-ordinary team mates Charlotte, Simon, Jo and Oliver (the wheel man driving the support car, providing bags of chips on demand and so much more)

It's never too late to do something... greater.


After all, if an ordinary recruiter like me with a Dad-body that ice cream built can do something like this, think what you could achieve if you took that first step...

JustGiving link in the comments - please do donate if you can!

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 Thank you for your incredible contribution to the Chivas Venture 2018 - from the initial inspiration during the Accelerator Programme in Oxford, all the way through to the Final Stage in Amsterdam. I was blown away by how the Top 5 Chivas Venture finalists stepped up in front of 2,500+ people, following their work with you. You tailored your advice to meet each entrepreneur's needs and your coaching made a real difference to this year's Final event..


Laurence Mainaud | Global Brand Manager, Chivas Venture

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