Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders A Thought at London Business School

A Thought at London Business School

 4th May 2022


London Business School

Much enjoying today’s sessions with PhDs at London Business School - great group!

A key idea to consider when communicating complex content…

Before conveying “what that content is”

First communicate the (potential) value/relevance of that content to the listener.

Find a way to make it relatable.

From that, greater engagement will follow.

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 Simon's masterclass on pitching and effective communication attracted over 60 MBA's and other post-graduate students from across Oxford during the exam period ... testament to how valuable people thought it was. I would recommend it to anyone, especially mid-career professionals, looking to enhance their ability to communicate their ideas with conviction.


Soushiant Zangenehpour | Manager, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Said Business School, University of Oxford

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