Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders How Many Numbers for Your Audience?

How Many Numbers for Your Audience?

 6th Feb 2023
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Met with my osteopath today.

Reminding me of a #coaching insight I continually have to relearn.

Advising someone - or indeed an audience for that matter - on the “nine” things they should do differently is invariably a waste of time.

Focus on the one (or two max.) key things which are most important - much better.

Because frankly, much more likely to happen!

Happily, my osteopath is excellent.

He’s given me just 2 exercises to focus on. 😊👍

Until we next meet in 2 weeks time…

#mentoring #change #influence #leadership

We are incredibly fortunate to have Simon guiding us on a range of techniques and skills. His experience, counsel and passion are all hugely appreciated by decision makers from across 70 different countries.


Oliver Blake | Director and Co-Founder, Blake Evans & Co

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