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Debating ...or Something Else?

 1st Feb 2023
Simon Bucknall Public Speaking Mastery
There's a curious assumption that for something to be considered "interesting" there needs to be a bust-up.

We see it in TV and radio interviews.

We see it in debates.

Wow, do we see it in the House of Commons.

Structurally, things are set-up for a verbal fight.

And the point scoring gets tedious. FAST.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a big fan of the skills development that something like debating can offer.

But it's only one strand of effective communication.

It's not the whole rope.

In my experience of the real world, deals are struck, relationships forged and progress made not by simply beating up the other side in a Punch & Judy show.

Collaboration, teamwork, empathy, finding consensus, incorporating fresh input (even criticism, gasp!) for the overall betterment of the task in hand... these are vitally important.

By contrast, much political #debate - at least what little the public sees refracted through the media - consists of each side sticking their fingers in their ears and shrieking on auto-pilot.

Empathy, dialogue and effective communication WITH each other is surely the key!

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 In the last 10 years I have never devoted so much time to a course as this one.


Nadeem Masud | Head of Corporate & Investment Banking for Middle East and North Africa, Deutsche Bank

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