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Inspiration from Abraham Lincoln

 4th Apr 2023
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Abraham Lincoln was a master not only of #communication but of self-discipline.

Late on in the American Civil War, enraged by General Ulysses Grant's disregard for Presidential orders (resulting in countless unnecessary deaths), Lincoln wrote a "strongly worded" letter to Grant, venting his anger and frustration.

And promptly never sent it.

It sat in his desk drawer unopened.

There are times when we feel the desire to voice all manner of frustrations.

Doesn't mean it's always best to do so.

And since it's a temptation to which I've all too often succumbed, I'm definitely NOT pointing fingers...

Just spent the past 2 hours grappling with client online payment portals. Mandatory, their finance teams tell me, for invoices to be processed.

I can't imagine what inspired my remarks earlier in this post...

#finance #administration #entrepreneur #frustration #emotion

Simon, within a 25 minute phone call you opened my eyes to a whole concept in my TEDx speech I was yet to uncover. I can now absolutely see why you have the reputation that you do. To say I am thankful is an understatement.


Sarah-Ann Macklin | Nutritionist & Model, Founder, The Be Well Collective, TEDx Speaker, 'THE JAMIE OLIVER OF NUTRITION' Marie Claire Magazine 

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