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A Simple Tip on Leadership Communication

 23rd Apr 2022
leadership communication
For a stronger emotional connection in your #leadershipcommunication

Don’t publicise your private life.

Personalise professional experience.
Here are a few tips to do just that!

* You can use a literal anecdote

* You can reference “people” (either specifically or more generally) rather than “concepts”

* You ask yourself “how do I know my point/message” is true/important based on Experience rather than mere rational evidence

* You pay attention to your energy when speaking on the topic - do you “feel” sthg when voicing it … or are you flat and transactional in the explanation? Prioritise the former!

* Show rather than explain

* Be specific on WHEN you’ve seen your message/point in action

* Use a time phrase - it’s the gateway to a story

Simon gave me excellent advice on my upcoming talk for TEDxLBS - great pointers on both narrative and delivery that really put the final polish on my presentation!


Kelly Price | Senior Vice President, Oncology Business Unit at The Planning Shop International

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