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How to Bore People With Your Personal Introduction

 22nd Apr 2022
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How to bore people with your personal introduction…

Summarise “what you’ve done”.

Job title, years of experience, number of people you’re responsible for etc.

It may be concise.

It may even be true.

But definitely dull.

A rational, transactional synopsis of your career to date will largely go in one ear and out the other.

What a complete waste of time.


“What are you like?”

Address THAT question in your personal introduction and you’ll unearth items of much greater interest.

A key moment in your career.

The voice in your head when you decided to move into your current role.

An early memory of your professional expertise that explains why you took an interest.

The story of a very RECENT conversation or project that goes to the heart of what you offer.

Seek human interest - a personal angle - meaningfulness with your intro…

Evidence to support your values and beliefs.

To help illustrate “what makes you tick.”

Achieve that with your intro and you’ll…

Stand out more.

Be more memorable.

Connect more deeply.

Love as ever - speak soon,

Simon B

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Simon is a real inspiration. He helped me with writing and delivering an important speech from my heart ... presentation style and my voice ... I find sessions with Simon priceless.


Lisa Yasco | Master of Public Policy Candidate, President of Oxford University Ukrainian Society, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

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