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A Tricky Balance to Strike When Presenting

 18th Jun 2022


Flat shoe

“Step outside your comfort zone” they say.

Well, yes.


I was reminded tonight by an MEP here in Hungary 🇭🇺 that there are instances where it’s important to speak FROM a position of comfort.

Maybe that means ditching the tie.

Or wearing flats instead of heels.

Or having speech notes (not full-blown script) to one side for occasional reference.

If it’ll make a difference to your ability to give of your best to your audience…

Then embrace comfort too.

Tricky balance to strike?


But an important one nontheless.

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 Your masterclass was very useful, pertinent, stimulating, entertaining and folk were amazed by (and loved) your lack of powerpoint!!!


Marie Cooper | Practice Development Lead, Hospice UK

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