Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders Are You a School Teacher?

Are You a School Teacher?

 22nd Sep 2022

ESU Contest

The ability to speak clearly, confidently and with impact is not just a #career skill for young people.

It's a life skill.

Every year, the The English-Speaking Union runs a series of competitions for young people in schools across England & Wales.

Applications for this year are OPEN! (But not for much longer).

If you are a teacher... or know a teacher... or have connections with a school that might be interested...

I'd be thrilled if you could forward the link.

Speaking from experience, i can say programmes like these really do change lives.


#publicspeaking #education #youngpeople #communicationskills #presentations

 Simon really inspired our teams in the UK and US and really helped them become more compelling with customers.


Adam Hale | CEO, Fairsail

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