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Drawing on Primary Experience

 1st Feb 2022
Blimey, absolutely knackered.

But in a good way.

On the train home from a series of sessions with the fine Masters in Public Policy (MPP) students of the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Two on impromptu speaking / Q&A plus an additional session on…

Election campaigning - grassroots, candidacy etc. 2 hrs of intensive questions, discussions and sharing of stories. Loved it.

Years ago, I both worked for an MP and ran an election campaign in the 2005 General. So, it was fab to be invited by the students to talk to those considering running for office.

I rarely get to talk in so much detail about those experiences in grassroots politics from back in 2003-5. Amazing how much still sticks though!


Because it was intense and because I LIVED it. When you draw on primary experience, giving yourself permission to cut loose and be open, honest and passionate about the lessons drawn, that will come across to your listener.

Will it be perfectly honed and polished? Almost certainly not. But it’ll be honest and REAL.

Like this post. Written in one draft - I will not go back and edit this piece of writing. Here it is. Enjoy, use or ignore as you see fit. I need a quick sleep 💤 before Marylebone station!

Speak soon.

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University of Oxford

Simon, within a 25 minute phone call you opened my eyes to a whole concept in my TEDx speech I was yet to uncover. I can now absolutely see why you have the reputation that you do. To say I am thankful is an understatement.


Sarah-Ann Macklin | Nutritionist & Model, Founder, The Be Well Collective, TEDx Speaker, 'THE JAMIE OLIVER OF NUTRITION' Marie Claire Magazine 

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