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One of the Best Tips...for Handling Q&A

 1st Feb 2022
One of the best tips I’ve picked up over the years for handling tough Q&A…

“What’s the worst question you could be asked… and what’s your BEST answer?” (Credit: speaker & former broadcast journalist, Michael Dodd)

To me, that idea of having a “best” answer mindset is so much more empowering than…
The right answer
The perfect answer
The answer they want to hear

It may be that the best answer you can give is to boot out the question! Build a library of short, credible but courteous rebuttal lines you can deliver confidently - it’s a lovely thing to have in your back-pocket.

En route to the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford for further sessions today on skills for Impromptu Speaking and Q&A.

For sure, the above tips will feature.

What’s one of the ‘worst’ questions you’ve been asked?

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What I've appreciated most has been the increased thought the team has been putting into how they come across and what they say. Colleagues in other teams have already commented on the improvement in both skills and confidence.


Emma Truswell | Deputy Head of Services, Open Data Institute (ODI)

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