Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders One of My Most Enjoyable Activities During Lockdwn

One of My Most Enjoyable Activities During Lockdwn

 11th Aug 2022

World Map


Boning up on world capitals with the children was one of the most enjoyable activities during Lockdown.

At least for me. 😊

On the recommendation of a friend, am becoming a habitual Worldle (not to be confused with Wordle) guesser.

The joy of daily mental nourishment.

Other suggestions welcome!

#personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #wellbeing

Simon brought his vast experience to the subject of storytelling which he masters wholly. He skilfully guided members through his unique series of techniques for both developing and delivering business stories that, by definition, can belong only to each individual business concerned. An excellent morning and highly recommended.


 Gordon Bromley I Chairman, Surrey & SW London Academy for Chief Executives

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