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Clarity from Eastbourne!

 5th Nov 2023
SB in Eastbourne (blog post)
In Eastbourne today, to speak at a #toastmasters Division Event.

Strolling the seafront listening to Rory Stewart’s (enormously engaging, frank and at times shocking) political memoir “Politics On The Edge”.

Whether you like or agree with him or not, there’s no doubting his sincere desire to address the human reality of the situations he’s confronted with - whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cumbria, British prisons or the UK’s development activity in Africa.

Reflecting on my own career, it’s striking how often #communication in leadership can default to technocratic, vague, jargon-infested conceptual language.

Hiding behind such language even.

Obfuscating - even denying - the human reality.

Far from achieving clear, memorable and meaningful outcomes, the result is confusion, ambiguity and inertia.

My session today centres on cutting through that. On Clarity. On getting to the root of your REAL message. On what you REALLY want to get across.

Seemingly obvious perhaps; but surprisingly time-consuming to achieve. If you find it to be the most time-consuming aspect of your preparation, that’s no bad thing.

So, with that…

Thinking about your next meeting or presentation, what do you REALLY want to achieve?

The answer lies within; but it may take some digging for.

#publicspeaking #leadership #clarity

The school is at the start of an ambitious and exciting journey. You have helped us set the standard for the remainder of the year and further ahead. I hope you will return to the school in the future and inspire subsequent cohorts of MPP students.


Professor Peter Kemp | Associate Director, The Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

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