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 23rd Jun 2022

The enemy of effective #communication.

"But it's too complex to simplify into three key points!"

"My topic's different - to do it justice, I'll need more time."

"I'm an engineer not a brand consultant - I can't speak in soundbites."

Well-intentioned objections, true enough.

My response?


The spoken word and complexity simply don't mix.

Clarity is key.

If there are 30 elements, focus on the 2 or 3 that are most important.

Or most time-critical.

Or... [insert reason that is meaningful for the audience]

After all, if you make even one idea/point stick, you've succeeded where most presenters and leaders fail.

#publicspeaking #complexity #leaders #personaleffectiveness #personaldevelopment

 In over 20 years of working in international politics and training candidates, I have never seen a more remarkable improvement in speaking abilities in such a short space of time.


Ian Marquardt I Director of the European Women's Academy, ALDE

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