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What Makes YOU an Expert?

 25th Jun 2022
Lightbulb for Blog post Jan. 2022
What makes YOU an expert?

Many people assume expert status comprises mastery of a single topic or discipline.

In practice, what I've learnt is quite the opposite.

True expertise is profoundly multi- and inter-disciplinary.

What combination of skills, experiences, knowledge and/or insights would it take for you to adopt...

Your Expert Hat?

Hands-down, The Expert Hat...

(not "The Job Title Hat", not "The Age Hat" or "Years Of Experience Hat")

Is the most empowering mindset you can bring to meetings, conversations and presentations.

Not to mention your #leadership role.

#mindset #communication #personaldevelopment #personaleffectiveness #inspiration

Working with Simon really changed both my work and my academic life... building and inspiring confidence in speaking publicly as well as understanding how to build a message to deliver. Be that a business powerpoint presentation or an academic argument in a multi thousand word document.

I would recommend Simon to any individual looking to grow their skills and confidence...


Richard Robinson MBA CMgr FCMI | VMware Cloud on AWS - Partner Success Manager EMEA

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