Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders Considering Feedback

Considering Feedback

 4th Jul 2022


Ask enough people and sooner or later, you’ll receive feedback that’s diametrically opposed.

Proof if any were needed that…

Feedback is to be filtered and evaluated, not thoughtlessly applied.

Some of the best intentioned feedback I’ve received on speeches over the years…

When applied, has been to the detriment of the speech.

Stay strong.

Trust your instincts.

Seek feedback for context - but think carefully before executing!

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One of the best investments in personal development I had at BP was to engage Simon Bucknall as a personal public speaking coach. He was phenomonal and key to my moving from being a very nervous public speaker to a strong and confident one.


 Joe Little, Self-employed, Former CTO - Senior Technology Consultant at BP

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